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       I am so excited to share with the world the message The Holy Spirit gave me. It's been such a journey. I've discovered so much about myself, my faith and God. While writing this book, it felt like someone was tapping me on the shoulder as a constant reminder to keep going, complete this message. I've been obedient and I will continue to do so. I am confident this book will bless many. 
I've been blessed to work with incredible people who have guided me along the way. They have been encouraging and inspiring. This September 2017, I will be sharing what I hold near and dear to my heart, my upcoming book, The Blueprint: Playing and Winning with a Losing Hand.  

Book excerpt:

On August 24th 2015 the Holy Spirit woke me at 1:20 A.M. He called on me to deliver a message. I am answering His call with this book. That night words flowed to me as if someone was sitting right beside me, reading aloud.  The thoughts were not scattered, nor random....

Tuesday, July 11th 2017

I've been given the opportunity to meet Dr. Sabrina Jackson on her late night radio station, Sizzling Talk 910 AM tonight at 1:00 AM. We will be diving into my upcoming book, The Blueprint: Playing and Winning with a Losing Hand and the message I am convicted to delivering to God's people. We will also announce to her late night viewers that The Blueprint is now available for preorder on AUXmediastudioFamily! Let's get to work on God's business now and preorder your copy. Big shot out to Doreen D Hunter, Heather Buchanan and Aquarius Press. I'm so blessed to know such incredible women. Looking forward to tonight.

September 5th, 2017

January 2018

An inspirational guide for overcoming life's obstacles by Annette Webster. The Blueprint is a plan of action to overcome playing with a losing hand that contains recurrent and debilitating issues. It is a ground plan for change. Its purpose is to disrupt your current thinking, to encourage you to go from where you are right now in life to where God desires you to be. It challenges you to choose and trust God for a supernatural change in every aspect of your life. A challenge is given to chase God like you chase the things in this world.

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January 28th 2018

February 25th 2018