July 10, 2019


So one day my husband and I were working out and I joked around by saying how he likes to push me (and himself) to the max. Just when you think you did enough he wants to add another level of difficulty. He says, "if you can do that work out comfortably lets add a challenge. If you can do 30 squats with no problem let’s add weights now." I feel like if I can do something well why make it difficult? My husband has literally said that if I can do a workout well, then I should do it until exhaustion, do it until it burns, until it’s painful. I joke and say, "do until I bleed basically huh?" 


I suppose his ultimate goal is to workout until you start to feel a change happen. It’s not enough to just do something to say you did it. No matter what we are doing in life, we are never doing it just because we are bored. We are doing it because we are looking for something in return. We work to make money, we workout to define our bodies, we watch what we eat not because it’s fun but because we want to be healthy and feel good. 

Everything has a purpose and we do it until we see results. 



So I found that it isn’t enough to just pray. Praying just to perform the act and to say you did it will not yield the results you desire. We need to learn to pray until something happens. Pray until a shift occurs, a change takes place, until things aren’t what they used to be. 


I understand so clearly now the message my husband unconsciously taught me through working out. You need to pray until it hurts a little. Pray until you start making space for God mentally and spiritually to do the thing you so desperately need. Pray until your feet ache from pacing the floor or your knees become sore from kneeling. Pray until the essence of your prayer remains in the room long after you have left. 


What are you pushing for? 


Luke 18:1

And he spake a parable unto them to this end, that men ought always to pray, and not to faint

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