Your DEFINING Moment

June 18, 2019


Has life ever made you redefine who you are? Sometimes it seems a bit unfair that you don’t get to decide when these defining moments happen but nonetheless they happen. Our challenges in life can make us feel like we lost something but with a clearer perspective we can actually see we gained something. It’s a version of you that you didn’t know before. It’s another layer, a new dimension.


You have to take time to know who this person is all over again. We hate our struggles but our struggles help us to bloom. Who are you this season ?


When different traumas and challenges happen to us we are always caught off guard. There’s no time to plan or figure out who we need to be in order to tackle this new demon. You have to fight the battle and then learn the lesson vs having an objective, plan of action and expected outcome in advance.


It’s so confusing. Our logic tells us that when we see the sky darken, wind blowing and rain pouring that a storm is coming. We instinctively know how to prepare and take cover. We know how to grab an umbrella, stand in the entrance way of a building, go home to make sure you have flashlights, batteries, candles and generators in case the weather becomes intense.


I suppose that is the problem. When can clearly see when a natural storm is coming but we can’t always see when our personal storm is coming. So we often feel caught off guard outdoors, in the storm with no jacket or umbrella, drenched and feeling hopeless.


Perhaps if we were able to prepare for our storms the lesson and experience we need to gain wouldn’t be quite the same. Maybe we would eliminate the need for God in our lives. Faith would not be necessary because we already have the plan of action with our own expected outcome.


So maybe that’s why we don’t get to choose our defining moments. What if God wants to see when chaos knocks at your door what will you do ? Who will you turn to you ? What will you believe ?


Your defining moment won’t be a planned moment.




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