Nardin Park Church Women's Day

May 22, 2019

Women's Day at Nardin Park Community Church was awesome! I was honored to be their guest speaker and have the opportunity to worship with them. 


We dived into the life of a virtuous woman and analyzed all that it took to be her. In order for her to be a mother, wife, business woman, designer, investor, humanitarian, a hard worker, educated and kind she must live a strategic and intentional life. She could not afford to have fear, worry or anxiety in her life. 


Proverbs 31 tells us that, "her lamp burns late into the night" meaning that while others rest she was busy making plans. She was busy snatching opportunities, and snatching things that would be beneficial for her household and community. While balancing her many daily tasks I am sure there would be moments where she would have to snatch her joy as well. 


It is imperative that she keeps her joy. If she doesn't she not useful to anyone. The subject for women's day at Nardin Park was "Snatch Back Your Joy".




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