Broken & Repurposed

April 20, 2019


When I was a child I remember wanting toys and games to work that suddenly stopped for various reasons. Like many children, I would take the malfunctioned toy to an adult for help and where I am from, they would say, “it’s broke”, not “it’s broken”. Improper English I know. I remember hearing it’s broke, it doesn’t work anymore, you will need to buy a new one, throw it away it’s no longer good or useful, it can’t be repaired. I equated broken to being the end of something’s usefulness. If it was broken I should stop desiring it. It no longer serves the purpose it was intended for.  I believe this idea has been subconsciously internalized in many of us that we have manifested it in our lives.


Funny thing is that we are all broken. It’s just a bit deceiving because we are all broken differently. Different hurts, different disappointments, different abuse but yet all the same broken. Because we are all broken, including myself, I try to be sensitive to someone else’s brokenness. We have all experienced pain but I suppose the problem is that we think that pain goes on a rating system. Some pain isn’t as bad as others so therefore the level of brokenness isn’t as great. We begin to judge others when we feel our situation does not compare to theirs. But it does.    


Someone may be divorced but is financially well off. Someone else may be barely making ends meet but they are deeply in love. Different struggle but the same pain. It seems admitting that you have pain, struggle and brokenness is like admitting you have a deficit of some sort or that you malfunctioned. I suppose it’s like being at work and telling your boss one of your flaws or weakness.You now feel as if they won’t use you in the same capacity they once did prior to knowing about your struggles.


What if you began to believe the less common idea of something being broken but it can be saved and repurposed? The thing about life is that events alter us. The way we think, see the world and handle people are now predicated  by some experience we had.

Life changes us but the changed version of us is someone God can use even more. We all desperately want to go back to the person we once were before life to happen to us but we can’t. The person who made it out on the other side has a new mission in life. I dare say a greater mission than the person you were prior. God can re-purpose what your mission is and give you new marching orders in this life.


    Have you ever had a piece of artwork in a room that you absolutely adored and one day it started to look out of place? You know that it’s a beautiful piece but something has changed. Instead of discarding it I usually re-purpose it. Maybe it no longer fits in my office so I place it in my living room. It might have been too much in small space but in a large space it’s captivating. It wasn’t that it lost its usefulness it was that over time things change and it needed to be seen differently.


God will place you in a situation where you can be seen differently. God is never done with you. He will never call you broken, damaged goods or irreparable. Say, “God re-purpose and reposition me so that I can be seen properly. Allow people to see that my scars are actually badges of honor.”




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