An Unqualified Resume

March 7, 2019

The areas of my life that I am most passionate about are not shown on my resume. The things that I do exceptionally well, play close attention to and would do if no one paid me are not listed as one of my acquired skills. It is not specified under my education, work experience or extracurricular activities.


Have you ever found yourself in roles and opportunities that you can’t quite explain how you got there or how you even became qualified for it? Have you ever been in a position or been placed in a category that you never expected yourself to be in? A place that you thought would be the least likely place you would thrive in?


I believe the things that God places in your heart may never be expressed on a resume in its totality. There are dimensions to the talents/gifts that you are blessed with. These dimensions are what they call in the workplace, “Transferable Skills”.  Your gift is transferable. Once it is revealed to you, the avenues in which you become a blessing and thrive are limitless.


How do you explain how and why you do the things you do? You know that your degree cannot justify it. You’ve never had any formal training or on the job experience for it. You did not take part in any continuing education courses, workshops or online courses. If someone saw you working your 9-5 job it may not make sense that God placed that type of gifting in you.


A resume is used to present your background and skills. Most likely your education and work experience supports the skills you acquired. What do you do when your skills can’t be supported by prior experiences? If you were to place those skills on your resume it may appear false.


When God blesses you with talents/gifts they are to be used to bless His people. For that reason alone, there will never be a resume to qualify you for His work. God’s mission and criteria will never be that of man. I believe your heart and the spirit of God that lives inside you never needs validation, degrees, interviews, background checks or offer letters. It is more powerful than any company, HR department or committee.


The qualifications of man and those of God will not be the same. Nevertheless does that make you any less passionate, determined, educated, compassionate, worthy or eligible. I dare you to start knocking on doors, raising your hand, seeking out opportunities and placing your name on the list of those who are willing and able to be a blessing to others.




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