Overcoming Sickness- Women's Retreat at Second Baptist Church

January 31, 2019




........When God gives you a Word, you become a Word and then you become obedient to delivering the Word. I delivered a message on women’s day about a crown residing on your head when my crown was rusted, busted and highly medicated. God said, because I gave you a Word which was your fighting power and now you are a Word.


I know what the doctors said but I also know the Word that God gave. God gave me a Word and that was fighting power, He told me to deliver a Word - that was come back power and then He showed me that He healed me not for the forsake of just being healed but so I could snatch up His daughters and tell them to get some fighting power - that’s staying power. It’s one thing for me to come up against sickness but it’s another thing when there is a fleet of His daughters pushing back Hell and rebuking sickness.


The point of all of this is that God showed me - you becoming healed is not all about you. Now that you are healed, what are you going to do with your blessing? Your healing is not just about you being healed so that you could be good and go and do you.I know that it make senses that it should be- you’re in pain, you want the pain to stop.

But when God heals you it’s not only for you but it’s for her too. I know I did it for you but I need you to do it for her. Tell my daughters what I did for you, tell them to expecting a Word, be expecting fighting power. Tell her to get her fight back. Tell her to remember Whose she is. Tell her this is the one time I will allow her to go Detroit crazy on the enemy for her health.


The enemy only goes after what is valuable. So if he’s coming up against you, you ought to be flattered but tell him, he can’t have it.  


The point is that things may get worse before they get better but baby girl you are worth the fight. Get your fight back. I need you start praying for a Word- that’s fighting power, and when you get the Word you become a Word- that’s come back power and and now that you have come back you go out and help your sister get fighting power- that’s staying power.


What did I want a another woman to do for me?

I wanted someone to say yes, I know you’re in pain, yes I know it seems things are going from bad to worse yes I know your crying and stressed and depressed, I know you are not sleeping, I see your hustle, I see you trying to produce wine from water, you’re trying to give something that you don’t have. There’s nothing around you to give you hope, no doctor, report or test but yes girl you will survive.


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