February 4, 2019

I work in an office setting. The nature of my job causes many to distinguish between business days, holidays and weekends. This is also very common in banking. Around holidays checks cease to be processed, reports fail to be ran, important calls come to a halt and the work ethic drops to an all time low. The goal for many is to just make it in the office and be present.


When businesses close down for the holiday, God doesn’t. God never limits His working hours to observe a holiday. He never loses interest or motivation. He never shows up just to say He’s present and produce nothing. He works on peak and off peak, holidays and weekends. He never says this is My time but rather this is our time.


The time for you and God to be partnered together is not predicated by a season or day of the week. There are never any restrictions or stipulations. God never leaves asterisks that lead you to read the fine print.  The Bible never says, “working hours vary”.God is available today, tomorrow and over the weekend.


The popular belief is that business days are the days in which normal business operations are conducted. This is usually Monday through Friday, 9AM to 5PM. God conducts business 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for your convenience. He works the morning shift, afternoon shift and the overnight shift. God’s needs, thoughts and habits are not like ours. How abundantly blessed and fortunate we are.  


There has never been such a greater time as now to know God.There are no rules and regulations, no people in your way, there are no customs you need to follow, no lines you need to stand in, there is no certain way you need to dress and you don’t need to have it altogether. All you need to say is, “Hello God, it’s me. I need you. I don’t have much, but what I do have is yours.”God will hear you because everyday is His business day.



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