November 30, 2018


It’s quite common to ask God for more. More money, more friends, more time, more homes, more cars, more clothes etc. I realize that instead thinking of things I need more of, I need to think about the things I need less of.


If I ask God to increase my capacity, I can not fill that space with the things I desire. My increased capacity should be space to carry the things God wants to see come forth. My increased capacity will allow me to hold and maintain things that will be a blessing to others.


So God, instead of praying for more, I’m praying for less. I pray for less of the things in my life that serve you no purpose. Less of the things that are hindering me, that are a distraction, less of things that have glitz and glamour but no real substance.


I need less people connected to me that cause negative thoughts to fester. I need less media influence portraying that the fast life is the life to live. Less social media posts of people parading around for attention giving a false perception of what success is.


God, I pray for less of my negative internal dialogue that prevents me from hearing your voice. I need less of my internal conflict and more of a submission and invitation to You. If I’m honest, I need less of my insecurities, less anger, resentment and forgiveness.


God, I give you full authority to remove every thought, feeling, person and thing in my life that does not serve You. I am ready to purge all the things I thought I needed but only actually caused clutter in my life. Even the things I think I love, things I feel I can’t live without, even the things that others may like about me.


If I increase my capacity, it is for me. If you increase my capacity, it is for your people. I’m ready to go to war with the devil. God, send me out ! I’ve had enough of doing things my way, I’m ready and submitting to Your way.


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