Podcast Interview on Glambitious with Jessica Lundy

September 16, 2018

I had an amazing opportunity to be featured on the Glambitous podcast with Jessica Lundy! Such a great conversation on finance, strategy and motivation. Jessica Lundy asked, "What do you pray for daily?". I responded, "I pray daily for ideas, strategy, patience and endurance. If God can give me the job, money, house, education and husband, I want Him to show me what to do with it that shows Him working in my life. Show me how I can bless His people with it. I want to walk in sync with God's plans".


Jessica Lundy is also a Shea's Closet Body Butter customer. We discussed how all of my sells from Shea's Closet went toward the release of my book, The Blueprint : Playing and Winning with a Losing Hand.


You can find this podcast interview on iTunes and Google Play under Glambitious with Annette Webster Episode 43.


Link here - > https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/glambitious-podcast-money-travel-respect/id1195393925?mt=2




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