July 11, 2018

God, on my own I can work hard. I can work and work and work until I’m blue in the face. My work, even my hard work, my best work will only produce more work. So God, this morning I pray for strategy. I pray that you give me the mindset, the ideas and the creativity to take my work and use it as a leverage to get to the next level. I pray that my work begins to open up doors for me, grant me the right connections, and resources.


God, I pray for strategy. I pray that each and every one of my steps are with purpose. I pray that my mind stays focused. I pray that every move I make, every dollar I spend, and every prayer I say is all done with intentionality - with a goal in mind and with direction that is laced with favor and grace. I pray that my work is not just work and it’s not done in vain. I pray that my work is producing something greater than myself and breaking generational curses.


I pray that my work affords me more than a paycheck and 401K. I pray that my work produces legacy, secures my promise, my destiny and my position in this game. God, I pray for strategy this morning. I’m looking for the outline, for the Blueprint. I can spend my entire life praying for material things, only for when they become old will I throw them away, replace them, or lose interest.


So God, I pray for strategy so when I’m blessed with material things I know how to use them in your best interest. So I know how to accelerate and elevate your people. God, if you gave me the talent, endurance, a job, the house and husband, tell me what to do with them that best reveals you in my life. I can do the work, make the money, meet people and spend the money but God, I need you to give me the purpose and the plan. Strategically guide my mind and steps. No longer allow me to go in and out of these days that seem to run together while all I have left are faded and vague memories.  No longer allow me to walk aimlessly in this world being a bystander to my own life and out of sync with your plans.




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