Your Deficit Does Not Defeat You, It Delivers You

June 18, 2018

I’ve been praying for direction on the next book to write. It’s been heavy on my heart to share my deficit so that other women will know that they too can be delivered. I need God to show me how to best approach this. I need The Holy Spirit to give me the precise words to penetrate hearts in such a way that it causes a shift to happen towards God’s healing abilities. I need words that would be more than just mere words to read but rather words that would stretch your faith in such a way that you feel empowered to cast out demons, break generational curses, bind and rebuke devils and start demanding that God takes control.


I need the perfect words to express that your deficit does not defeat you, it delivers you. The thing that torments you, keeps you up at night, causes you the greatest agony and shame, can be the same place of your restoration. The thing you once hid can be the same thing you need to share with the world.   


In my last book, The Blueprint : Playing and Winning with a Losing Hand, I strongly challenged readers to chase after God for supernatural change in their life. I suppose the next book will be part 2 indirectly.


The tendency is to avoid conflict, pain, struggle… the fire. If I may submit for your consideration that you must go through the fire in order for change to occur. You must confront your goliath head on. Rebuke it, bind it, fight it. For me, I had to remind the devil that he no longer had power in my life or in my body. I had to repeatedly yell at him to get his hands off my stuff. I told him if it’s a war that he wants, then it’s a war that I will give.

I had to give the devil a friendly reminder that there is a crown on my head. That he has been rendered ineffective, incapable, weak and defeated on multiple occasions.


My deficit gave me clarity. It allowed me to see the devil and God more clear than ever before. Because of this, my prayer is that The Holy Spirit talks to me and through me to deliver a message that vividly describes and ingrains that your deficit does not defeat you, it delivers you.     





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