God I Thank You For L's

September 29, 2017

We all know how to celebrate wins, but what about loses? Intuition kicks in on how to behave and what to say when good things happen, but what exactly kicks in when bad things happen? Fear? Depression? Anxiety? And why? Who told us that this is the most acceptable way to respond to a loss?


Your loss may be a missed opportunity, a failed marriage, broken family ties, financial mishaps, a job loss or a health battle. We can, with a blink of the eye thank God for something good and in that same instant curse Him over something bad. But why? Why do we assume that every loss is God’s doing? That somehow He is either responsible for it or could have prevented it from happening, as if His mercy and grace equals magic.


Every wise, knowledgeable and humble person has been through life’s highs and lows. Every loss defined and perfected who they are, not their wins. How can you tell others that everything is going to be okay, that God is still good and able if you’ve never suffered through a loss yourself? How can you tell others to keep the faith during their loss when you failed to keep yours?


God, I thank you for my L’s because I now have a tight hold on the thing that once had me. I would have not seen my strength, your glory and grace had it not been for the L’s. I delightfully own my L’s and find joy in it. In those moments I became more connected to You and more trusting in Your process.


God, I thank you for my L’s because I was able to see you more clear than ever before. In seclusion from my mistakes and losses, you showed me that I really lost nothing but gained everything. I gained you.


My L’s taught me how gracious you are. That you are a God of second, third, fourth and fifth chances. God told me, “Wipe your tears baby girl, you are failing forward”.





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