Truin' with God

July 31, 2017

I previously wrote about truing when it comes to your dreams, faith, relationships and finances. What about truing when it comes to worshiping God? In what way does truing with God benefit you? In what way does not truing hurt you?


There is an ongoing battle among Christians about the correct way to worship God. From this, stems numerous denominations, countless churches and rituals that worship God differently or some may say , better. If I must take a position in this great debate I say there is no one correct way to worship God. It can’t be. It shouldn’t be. God uniquely made each of us. No two people are the same, so how can we worship God the same? Each of us are custom designed by God with distinctive personalities, talents, experiences and most importantly, relationship with Him. The level on which we know and have experienced God plays a role in how we worship.  


With all these varying factors, the correct way to worship God is the way that allows you to be your true self. The way that most authentically represents your love and relationship. You should worship God the way you know you should, not the way people tell you should. Do what you know in your heart is most pleasing to God even if it’s different from those around you. God created you, He knows you. He knows what you are capable of and knows your intentions.


There was a time where I felt putting my hands together and reciting the Lord’s Prayer was my best way to worship and speak to God. Now, I need to be in a room alone on my knees to worship God. This changed as I changed, matured and began to know God. I do not believe either one is wrong or right, it was just my true self at the time. I believe God loves a honest heart, your best efforts without ulterior motives.


When we all try to worship the same we begin to do things out of routine. No emotion. No heart. No thought. It’s not real. You’re not truing and God desires your authentic self. When you are truing, you are able to speak to God in good and bad times. I write about this in my upcoming book, The Blueprint: Playing and Winning with a Losing Hand. (Available this Fall) There was a time in my life I believed that I could only speak to God about good things and worship Him in good times. Anything that was bad must be kept to myself. I now know that God loves my authentic self more than the happy illusion I tried to present to Him.


Truing when I worship God means I am praising and thanking God for being God, for Jesus, for His love, for my life, for His forgiveness and for our relationship the best way I know how. My worship should not look like your worship because my relationship with God is different from yours and that is ok. My love language is different from yours and God wants it all.


I believe not truing with God leads to unanswered prayers. Are there prayers you are waiting for God to answer? What was the position of your heart when you asked?





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