June 16, 2017


I would like to think my husband and I coined the term “truing”. Truing would be used how people commonly say, “If I’m being honest” but instead you say, “If I’m truing…” Truing means you are expressing your purest thoughts and emotions even if they are not pretty, happy, mainstream or politically correct. If my husband starts a conversation with the words, “If I’m truing right now I feel…” the floor is completely his to express exactly how he feels without judgment, criticism or sarcasm.


Truing is a concept that I’ve grown to greatly appreciate. If I hold true to this, only things that bring me joy and serves my purpose are allowed to enter my life.  Anything outside of that is forced to take a seat and only bare witness to God’s work in my life. If I’m truing, my relationships are genuine and solid. People who bravely expose their hearts to me, I will undoubtedly do the same. If I’m truing, the things that I am striving for in life are things I want regardless of its earning potential and what others think. 


Often times, I think when we are not truing we lose ourselves. We all carry an innate desire to be agreeable, to fit in, to be and feel how society subliminally tells us we should. In this silent, passive-aggressive push to conform, our identity is lost. What is it that you believe? What are your dreams? Where and who would you be if you were free from judgment?


I am not here to be a rebel or cause an uproar of unruly behavior because by all means I believe in order, right and wrong, that our final judgment will be in front of God and by no means am I disrespectful. But to some degree we must abandon social norms that lead to unhappiness in life. We must abandon things that cause us to suffer quietly while keeping up with the mainstream idealization of life. My goal is not to cause chaos but rather unveil your most authentic self, to persuade you to have more moments of truing when it comes to your dreams, faith, relationships and finances.  These are the areas of your life where truing is of utmost importance.


My moments of truing have brought me incredible things. My moments of not truing caused me to be attached to things that were polar opposites of my personality. When I’m truing, I’m being set up for something great. When I’m not truing, I’m being setback from something great. For this reason I vowed that I would be only be truing when I make decisions regarding my dreams, faith, relationships and finances.


What has not truing cost you?

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