How Do I Define Myself?

May 15, 2017



I need to tell the world who I am but who am I? How do I define myself? Am I defined by my career, religion, hobbies, marital status, children, social status, volunteer work, or income? When asked to describe myself to others I literally drew a blank. A flat line. Nothing came to mind. I wasn’t even sure what people thought about me so I asked those that are closest to me.


My eyes swelled with tears at their comments. My heart was heavy. I was humbled in that moment. I was told that I was a woman of integrity, a fighter but gentle as a feather.  A woman that loves the Lord and her family. A woman that is willing to help a person no matter how many times they have fallen. I was told that I was intelligent, hard working, outgoing, that I love to make people laugh and have an unbelievable imagination. I was told that I am compassionate, a life learner and an advocate for change and justice.


It was such a blessing to have people I know would be completely honest say such powerful and moving things about me. I thought surely those were the things I would use to describe myself. I later thought, what if their feelings about me were negative? What if they thought I was a horrible person or a failure? What if they thought things about me that I knew for a fact was not true? Some of the positive comments I received are still hard for me to believe.    


My epiphany was that I could not let others define me, whether it was good or bad. Everyday of the year I will not be those things they see me as. In fact, it’s too hard to live up to others beliefs about me. What if their comments were negative? Do I make that my truth?  So how do I define myself? How do I describe myself to the world? Do I talk about following my purpose, when I am the most happy or my interests?


I think this subject is so difficult for me because there is no single thing in my life that totally defines who I am. I am made up of so much more. I could tell you about my hobbies, my job, food interests, what I currently striving for but that’s all subject to change at any moment. If you ask me who I am I can tell you four things for sure. I am authentic, evolving, a life learner and passionate.

What people think of me is simply a byproduct of who I am. The best way to describe who I am is not by telling you things about me but rather the things that make me who I am. I would like to invite you along as I unfold the multilayers of Annette Webster.





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