May 26, 2017

I am a huge fan of movies like Troy, 300, King Arthur, Spartacus, Gladiator, Tristan and Isolde and right now I am head over heels about the tv series Reign.  I love their intense passion for love, their loyalty to country and the fight for life, honor and freedom. When I watch these shows I see people who are not merely existing but rather living and leaving an imprint on the world unapologetically. It’s just something about it that really speaks to my inner self.


My family does not understand where many of my interests stem from including watching shows like these. I am treated as the “odd” one. For some time I did feel like the “odd” one. I never did, but I felt as if I should change things about me in order to be more like them. I felt that who I am naturally was somehow a defect. It wasn’t until these more recent years when I became comfortable in my skin and unapologetic about who I am.


There are many things about me that do not align with my family, my upbringing or my friends. Now those are the same things I love and grew to appreciate about myself. I now see them as things God implanted special for me. When someone says something negative about me I tell them, “This is how God made me and I think he did a pretty good job. Maybe you should ask God to make you better.” And of course there is silence. I ‘m not sure what the other person thought, but I thought it was funny.


 I do not hide who I am or alter it to fit others. I do my very best to be authentic. I completely own every quirky, odd, nerdy and obsessive thing I do. Who I am is simply who I am, it could change tomorrow.  If it does I will be sure to only present the full and best me possible.


I stand strong in my faith, I own my interests, my emotions are strong and I am growing and changing everyday. The one thing I can promise you is that I will never be less than who I am nor give an illusion of being more. What you see from me, hear from me and feel from me are all pure. There are no ulterior motives. I will always give you the most authentic version of myself unapologetically.   


What does being authentic mean to you? How will being authentic benefit you and others? Or how has not being authentic harmed you or others? Are there areas in your life you know you are not being your true self? Areas you shy away from your true feelings in order to fit in with the crowd? 






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